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Most of the small scale,medium and large scale business became the user of tally erp 9 software,due its simplicity and wide range of reporting system. Tally stimulates your work, but you must be thorough with this simple and use friendly software. Recently tallysolution company has started to allow a 7 days free trail of the software for those who wants to test the power of tally. We have a detailed lesson on downloading of tally here.
tally erp 9 tutorials

Tally Erp 9 Tutorials

Tally Erp 9 Tutorial in Hindi/English/ Tamil Language

If you know how to use tally, then accounting in tally is the basic skill that you have to learn and that is what I am going to explain in this post. It is just that in tally, it is in digital format. I have said this many times, but let me say this one more time. If you want to learn tally, learn basic accounting and you will learn tally effortlessly. In this post I will be teaching you about different tally accounting tutorials — in total 7 — which will help you maintain accounting including maintaining your personal accounts in tally.

Even if you are a beginner in Tally ERP 9, accounting in tally is going to be fun if you follow the basic tally tutorials that I am going to explain in this post. Now, let us look at how accounting works in tally and how you can maintain your accounting books even if you are a beginner in tally. Tally Accounting Software — How Accounting Works in Tally including Bookkeeping There are different types of accounting entries and therefore in tally, they are divided according to their functions.

For example, if you sell something, there is a special voucher in tally called sales voucher and we can use that to pass a sales entry in tally. Similarly, for different types of transactions we can use different accounting vouchers in tally. Now, you must be thinking — how exactly accounting works in tally? How to maintain books of accounts like profit and loss account, balance sheet, sales register etc in tally? Well, I am going to explain how the entire process of accounting in tally works to you.

Here is how. Now, in this entry 2 ledgers are used. They are — Cash and Bank Account. You deposited cash in your bank account. Currently at this step of an accounting entry, you only need to identify the accounting ledgers that will be used. Once you learn to identify the accounting ledgers in an entry, you will see, it will be much easier for you to actually pass an accounting entry in tally.

The above example was very simple and you need to practice with at least transactions like that to get to a level where you will not have to think anymore about the accounting ledgers. It will just automatically come in your mind like it comes in my mind. It is actually very simple. Right now, just remember this: Whatever comes in your business will be debit. Whatever goes out of your business will be credit. Therefore, money in the form of cash comes in the bank account.

So, bank account will be debited here. Similarly, money goes out from your business in the form of cash to the bank account. Therefore, cash account will get credited. Remember this golden rule of accounting — debit what comes in and credit what goes out.

So the accounting entry will be: This is just another way of writing accounting entries and nothing else. Look at the picture in tally below for the exact same entry. Step — 3 — Checking the Accounting Entries in Tally The best thing about tally is that once you have done the accounting entries, you do not have to create anything else.

Tally automatically does it for you. Once you complete and save the accounting entry in tally, every other effect will take place in every accounting report and necessary books. Similarly, you can also go to the day book in tally and you will find this transaction today. In other words, bookkeeping in tally is done automatically.

You only have to do the accounting in tally and the rest it taken care of by tally. We are going to look at basic accounting entries in tally with which you can start learning tally and maintain accounting in tally.

At the end of these basic accounting entries, you will be easily able to do accounting in tally with GST. Basic tally accounting entries are: Contra Entry in Tally.

Step – 1 – Identifying & Creating Basic Accounting Ledgers in Tally

How to enter composite sale (supply) under gst in tally erp 9? In normal course business we sells goods and service as a combination or kzzvig.me as. TALLY – TUTORIAL. A tally is a complete business accounting software developed by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India. Now we are going to learn tally. how to use tally erp 9 step by step guide for beginners and intermediate & advanced users,help to become expert in tally erp 9.


Get a Free Training Book We conduct Tally ERP9 training on request at your office and on purchase of tally products from us, we also give tutorials on how to use Tally products more efficiently in your organization. Along with tally erp 9 tutorials, we show demo at your office during tally installation. If you are not our customer, but still need to give some basic training to your employees, we are happy to provide you our tally training services and train your employees at your office space.

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If you know how to use tally, then accounting in tally is the basic skill that you have to learn and that is what I am going to explain in this post. It is just that in tally, it is in digital format. I have said this many times, but let me say this one more time.

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Edutuor – Offering Tally Erp 9 Tutorial in Hindi/English/ Tamil Language in Isanpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Read about company and get contact details and . Full tally Erp9 course in hindi app can be very helpful for you to learn the software easily and effectively. You can fully operate tally erp9 in hindi through this. This course is targeted towards essential skill-sets in order to perform data management and Accounting related Jobs. So it will give detail training on Basic .

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Tally Erp 9 Tutorials

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